Sundancer by Shelley Peterson sundancer_cover2
His name is Sundancer, and from the moment he arrives at Saddle Creek Farm, thirteen-year-old Bird is fascinated.

He’s suspicious and guarded, touchy and cruel. He doesn’t take kindly to new people or situations, and Bird’s Aunt Hannah is dangerously close to labelling him “unrideable”.

Bird is willing to admit that Sundancer might be trouble, but that’s just fine. After all, Bird’s a bit of trouble herself. How else would you describe a girl who hasn’t spoken since she was six? A girl whose mother leaves her to be raised by an aunt half-way across the country? Or a girl who hears things no one else can hear — like the thoughts of the animals she befriends.

Bird makes people nervous. Animals, though, are another story. Usually she can get through to them in no time flat, but Sundancer is different. He’s a challenge — a wounded horse with a story he’s not ready to share. Will Bird be able to help him before it’s too late? And will this strange and difficult horse be able to help Bird when her mother pays an unexpected visit?