Dark Days At Saddle Creek

Dark Days at Saddle Creek by Shelley Peterson darkdays_cover
Trouble looms over the inhabitants of Saddle Creek Farm.

When nefarious and inhumane activities emerge in the horse show world, Bird’s help is enlisted by an intriguing First Nations RCMP under-cover officer, and she learns to use all her unusual skills to bring the perpetrators to justice.

While focussing on riding the jumping sensation, Sundancer, to victory in the Caledon Derby, Bird tries to keep it all together as her world spirals. She rescues horses in the dark of night, grapples with her demanding mother, deals with a fibbing new boarder, and tolerates her incarcerated grandfather as she solves a troublesome mystery. To add to her worries, Bird’s old friend and mentor, Pete Pierson, is rushed to the hospital with a life-threatening illness.

All the while, Bird persists in her search for information about her father, and finds much more than she bargained for. Through her trials she comes to better understand the fragile beauty of life and the acceptance of death, while examining the sometimes unobtainable expectations between parents and children.